Wednesday, March 31, 2010

day 52 - 31 days to go... On the run

OK...  first of all, don't forget to vote in this Progresso soup contest for me:  vote for Jen

I'm still behind in the voting but it's not over til the last drop of soup is gone.

I am gearing up for the big 7 mile run tomorrow... I'm feeling a little intimidated about it as the 3 miler I did on Tuesday felt pretty tough and this is more than double (I know, you are blown away by my mad math skills, just call me captain obvious.)

So you runners -- do you have good advice for the "long run day" now that I'm actually entering into legitimate long running territory?  I'm thinking of powering up with my favorite power breakfast (recipe below) and I actually bought some low cal gatorade to give me a little shot of sugar around the 4 mile mark (I'll also be toting along water...)

So is there anything else that might help me get prepared for the long haul to keep energy up and performance at peak?  Should I try a slower pace to get through it even when I want to run faster or is that counter productive?  Any advice would be welcomed.


Jen's power pancakes:

These are high in fiber, protein and complex carbs, low in fat.  They are very tasty and filling.  I invented this recipe because while on Weight Watchers and doing the "simply filling" program, I was looking for a good, healthy, pancake alternative.

1/2 cup of quick oats (finely ground in food processor (I use the magic bullet thing)
1 large egg beaten
1/4 cup of skim milk
pinch of salt, pinch of splenda, 1/2 tsp. of baking powder

combine all ingredients into batter - pour two medium sized pancakes into a non-stick pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.  Flip when edges get dry and bubbles pop thru top.

I top with a little zero calorie butter spray and a little sugar free pancake syrup.  Sometimes I serve with a piece of canadian bacon.  These would be great with blue berries or bananas added to the batter or used as a topping.

The pancakes = 5 points on the Weight Watchers program.
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