Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 45 - 38 days to go... Another ten reasons to run.

As this journey goes on, running is taking more and more of a different meaning for me.  I thought I would dabble in another top ten list.  One that's a little updated.  (And really, Who doesn't love a top ten list!)

Why I will continue to run even after reaching my goal:

10.  Fresh air and warm sunshine on the face makes me feel good and fuzzy.

9.  I have found a new appreciation for Eminem, Jay-Z & Kanye West that I really only have while running.

8.  I have acquired a fantastic collection of sports bras, fancy socks, cool headphones and stylin' running pants that would go to waste if I decided not to run.

7.  Running is great anger management.  Pretending I'm running on someone's head when I'm mad with them, really helps work out the issues.

6.  I did not go to that Running Store and subject myself to all that nonsense only to hang those sneakers up.

5.  Runner's high still cheaper than drugs and alcohol.

4.  Gaining the weight back is not an option.

3.  Everything else in the gym is boring.

2.  Nothing has given me the feeling of accomplishment like this journey has.

1.  I've gotta keep running after I do 13 miles, if I ever hope to do 26!


PS:  I ran 2.5 miles today.  It was OK, since it was a 'shorter' run - i tried to run faster a lot of the time.  Much of that time I was running 5.0 - 5.5.  Not too shabby!  But I did feel this workout in my legs, hips and knees.  I have to do five miles again on Friday and I am a little nervous.
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