Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 23 - 60 days to go & 19 days to my first 5K

Well, thanks to Nicole's urging I decided to sign up for my first 5K it's a walk/run thing on March 21st.  I'm excited for it but also a little bit nervous... I'm hoping that this isn't so hard for me that it freaks me out for the big event!

But I think it'll be ultimately helpful to get my head into what a race feels like so I'm taking the plunge.

I've had a tough last few weeks and today I felt it.  I'm still sad about Jazz.  I really wanted to plunge my head into a bag of fast food or a pizza box today.  I refrained.  I ate an orange instead.  Old habits die hard and somedays I miss stuffing my feelings, pulling up a seat for my pity party of one.

Today was a rest day and I chose to take it.  My knees and hips were feeling a little tight (I ran hard Sat, Sunday and Monday) and thought it would be best to completely lay low and let my body get caught up.  I tried yoga on demand.  I tried that for about 11 minutes found it annoying and decided to clean my house instead.  Someday I hope to find an appreciation for yoga - today was not that day.

Tomorrow I get back on track (literally!) and back to the training.

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