Saturday, March 13, 2010

day 34 - 49 days to go... the scale is still not my friend

Bah.  Up AGAIN.  It's just so cruel.  Especially sitting next to this woman...

"I'm so excited.  I lost 4 pounds and I haven't been to weight watchers in a month and ate McDonald's for lunch all week!  I don't know how I did it but whew.  Awesome!"  Must have been the soda.  I cut coke out of one meal a day and it's done wonders.

Yeefriggenha, lady.  Awesome.  You know what's awesome?  The restraint I'm showing from not smacking you in the head.

Oh?  How did I do?  Great.  Ran 15 miles this week, ate 6 apples, 4 bowls of oatmeal and ate a bowl of plain iceberg lettuce as my best friend ate some monster burger and cheese fries at Johnny Rockets and I *only* managed to gain .2!  WOOOfriggenHOOO!

I cut out regular soda, butter, milk, icecream, bread, most sugar, mayonaise and cheese in 1984.  I've got nothing else to cut out.  I know.  Maybe I can give up air.  Maybe that last glass of water of the day is doing me in.  I can give that up.  Surely, that'll get the number to move.

OH BAH HUMBUG.  It's fine.  I'm fine.  Just venting a little.  I know all about the muscle and the inches... blah, blah, blah.  Just complaining.  I feel a little ripped off is all.  I really thought that really watching my food and exercising every day of the week would move those numbers - and 1.6 pounds in  34 days is not what I had in mind.  My husband can lose that if he eats just half his bagel one day in the week!  SIGH...  I gotta go.  I'm on my way to the gym.


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