goals n races

To run another marathon  - namely, the ING NYC marathon.

Complete an Olympic (maybe even a 70.3 distance someday) triathlon!

To run faster and remain injury free.

To maintain my 100 pound weight loss.

To inspire, encourage, support and be a friend to others who are looking to start their own weight loss, running or life-changing journey.


Jersey Shore half marathon 5/10 - TIME 3:19

Jersey City half marathon 9/10 - TIME 3:03

Jersey Shore half marathon 5/11 - TIME 2:24

Atlantic City half marathon 10/11 - TIME 2:29

Surf City half marathon 2/5/12 - Time 2:23
Los Angeles Fire Cracker Run 2/12/12 - (my first 10K) TIME - 1:02:44
Hollywood Half 4/7/12 (PR!) TIME 2:19:58
Jersey Shore half marathon 5/6/12 (paced my hubby in his first half!! Yippee!) TIME  2:51
Long Beach CA half marathon 10/7/12 TIME 2:30
Ragnar Relay - Miami to Key West January 2013
Atlantic City half marathon (paced hubby again - a PR for him!) 10/21/12 TIME 2:38
Surf City Half Marathon 2/3/13
New Jersey (Half) Marathon 5/5/13 - 4th year anniversary!
Pequannock Sprint Tri 7/21/13 - 1st triathlon!
IRONGIRL Tri 9/8/13 - triathlon!!
Perfect 10 Miler 10/13/13 first ten miles (1:46 - about a 10:42 per mile pace) 


Lisa A said...

Thanks for your inspiration! I signed up for a half-marathon to get myself off the couch, too. I completed my first (and only) 5K last month and was elated. I DNFed a 5K today and felt like a failure until I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks, and tomorrow, I'll get off the couch again. It's those little victories, eh?

Andrea Heggem said...

Randomly came across your blog because I was googling " worst run ever" which I just had. So inspiring to see your journey here and as a matter of fact... we both ran the san diego marathon last year. It was my first and I finished at the same time you did 6:19! so cool. Thanks for sharing your story.

Laurakerwi said...

Hope to see you at the Jersey Girl Triathlon next year! Such an amazing experience!