Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 31 - 52 days to go - Ain't no party like a disco party...

Today was a rest day but I am trying to keep active so I decided to flip through Exercise TV, and came across this Disco Abs 30 minute cardio routine.

Now if you know anything about me, you know I do have a few guilty pleasures... Old John Hughes movies of the 80's, board game night, poker and ranking high on the list of guilty pleasures is old school disco.  Chic,  The Village People, Diana Ross, KC & The Sunshine band... ah, bring it on.

If I could transport myself back in time to do anything for one night - throughout the course of time, what would I do?  Would I have dinner with George Washington?  Partake in a philosophy discussion  with Socrates?  Discuss poetry with Edgar Allen Poe?  Art with Degas?  NAH...

I would choose winding up at Studio 54 and getting (socially) high with Andy Warhol, chain smoking cigarettes with a young Rod Stewart and making out with some hot celebrity while doing the hustle and brandishing disco guns under the legendary giant coke spoon that floats high over the magic dance floor.... OH the good old days.... but I digress...

So what other than Disco Abs could possibly have my name all over it for a casual, mid-week work out?  I mean minus the chain smoking, making out and drugged induced conversations with celebrities - it's practically like having Studio 54 right in my own living room!

(Or not.)  But whatever.

I will tell you, while I barely broke a sweat and I think the calorie burn was probably equivalent to the calories in a small strawberry - I did have fun and what more can you ask for from a "rest day?"

Tomorrow's challenge:  I'm to run 4 miles!  OOF.  This marathon training program is not f'ing around.  This will be the furthest I run.  Will let you know how it goes!



PS:  Here's a link to Youtube if you want to see a bit of the Disco Abs workout.  The chick who "teaches" class is Cheryl from Dancing With The Stars... Disco Ab Workout preview
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