Tuesday, March 16, 2010

day 37 - 46 days to go... down but not out

Well the last two days have been tough -- sorry about missing yesterday's post - (and thanks for looking for it, Angela!)  I lost power yesterday from 1:30 PM until 6 AM so no power, no light, no internet.  To make things even more fun, I got hit by a nasty stomach flu yesterday so I really was down and out of commission yesterday.

The upside to the stomach flu, is I usually have good weight loss results at weigh in when I get hit.  (It's so sad that this even crosses my mind.)  sigh.

Needless to say, there was no workout yesterday.  I didn't do much today either - still recovering, feeling weak.  Hope to get up and running tomorrow.  I need to run 5 miles one day this week and was supposed to technically get a 3 mile run in today.

I'm kind of a stickler for "following the rules." So my diversion off course is annoying.  But I think this is what often trips me up.  That all or nothing thinking.  Sometimes, we hit roadblocks, or get detoured, or get food poisoned -- instead of throwing in the towel, you have to find another way to get to the destination.  So I'll figure out a way to run 5 miles and get to my ultimate marathon goal.

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