Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 46 - 37 days to go... One good things leads to another

Whenever you put one good thing out into the universe, other good things begin to follow.

I mean this whole running journey has become one giant, physical metaphor for everything I do.

Running is hard, inspiring, rewarding, sometimes painful, sometimes something you look forward to and sometimes something you dread.  Isn't life all those things?  Isn't life about lacing up your shoes and getting out in the world, seeing where the road might take you?  Isn't a life worth living, one in which you, "push yourself that extra mile," and persevere through?  I think so.  And running has made that clear to me.

It's taught me that when you do go the extra mile, that it is hard and exhausting but it's rewarding in indescribable ways that outweighs the discomfort that you were so afraid of.  Nothing feels better than exploring new territory and going places that you've previously told yourself was impossible.  Anything is possible.

Since beginning this thing, I've grown as a writer, lost some weight, have successfully battled depression and have become stronger.  Because of these changes, I've attracted amazing things into my life.  I've connected with old and new friends and feel so much more empowered to take risks and work towards making my dreams come true.

I know this post might be annoyingly philosophical but every once in a while, I get moved to this place.

Nik sent me a great running quote the other day.  It simply said, "As we run, we become."  At first it didn't mean much to me.  I may have even employed an eye roll.  But the more I thought about it, the more it makes total sense.

I'm continuing on this journey of "becoming" and I can't wait to see where the road takes me.


PS:  Rest day - five miles again tomorrow!
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