Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 24 - 59 days to go... ow.

Decided to go for 3.1 miles today to see what if felt like to do a 5K.  I ran for ten minutes and that was good... then I walked for one and ran for five but my knee started to bother a little and my hip started to ache and the rest of the training was more or less running for two, walking for one - with a little more walking towards the end.  It took me almost 50 mins to do 3.1!  UGH.  That's probably not a great time....

I guess I will just turtle along and remember that the most important thing is just to finish right now.

My hubby did remind me that I'm only on day 24 of training and that I'm doing great for an amateur but you know, I put high expectations on myself.

Also, this was interesting.  I dreamt about running.  And it wasn't even a nightmare! ;)  I think I was running some kind of race and remember feeling out of breath but accomplished.  I finished whatever it was that I started in the dream.

Tomorrow is a rest day, I might do a little walking and weights but will try to take it easy on my achey breaky knee and hip.

Is it normal to have a little discomfort or do I need to be concerned?  I think it doesn't seem like any huge deal but what do I know?  Any remedies or advice?  I always warm up but maybe I should be better with some stretches or something.  If we've learned anything from my foray into attempting yoga it's that I have the flexibility of a tree stump.

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