Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 51 - 32 days to go... Crabby

I'm feeling much more souper today, thank you for asking... :)  by the way, if you haven't voted today then please go here and hook a sister up:

Make Jen Souper She needs a new haircut!

Anyway, thank you for the support on yesterday's blog.  It was a tough thing and I woke up thinking about it.  I felt so attacked and they embarrassed me into thinking I was doing something wrong.  My sister checked out the thread and was appalled and shocked by the things going on there... I didn't go back after the first really mean things but Cheryl did say that many people came to my defense and voted for me.  That's good at least.

I am remembering to let my star shine :)

A new friend reminded me of the "crab mentality." (Thank you Ulla's friend Tricia!)  The crab mentality is an interesting concept.  They say that when you catch a crab and put one crab in a bucket or bowl, the crab can easily escape.  The best way to keep the crab in the bucket is to put another crab in there.  When a crab tries to escape, the other crab will reach up and pull him back in every time, without fail. Thus causing both crabs to be caught.  Of course, if the crab's were generous to "boost" their little crab friend up and out of the bucket, then the other crab could easily escape... But crabs want to keep each other in the same boat - and their "crab mentality" limits all the little crabs in the long run.

People are like crabs.  When one is getting out of the bucket, they are afraid of being left alone in the bucket... If they are going to have to get seasoned with old bay and served with a lovely salad, well you're going down too.  It's a crab eat crab world...

Which reminds me that crab makes a lovely soup... And speaking of lovely soups -- did you remember to go here:  Don't be a crab vote for Jen and pass it on!   LOL...

Anyhoo.  It is what it is and to be honest, I posted a request for votes at a couponing web-site that I love: A full cup - Great couponing community  as well as Spark People and while I didn't get tons of votes - there wasn't one crab.  Not one nasty comment, not one snide remark. Sometimes people can be lovely.

Today I ran 3 miles.  I ran hard between 5.0 -5.5 for most of the time.  My overall pace probably averaged out to what I've been running because I had to do a little more recovery walking - that speed really challenged me.  I sweated a lot and walked out feeling accomplished and souper.


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