Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 35 - 48 days to go... take that, stupid scale.

Holy crap!  I'm under 50 days away and my first 5K is a week from today!  (Uh, I didn't mean for that to rhyme so Dr. Seuss like...)

Anyway.  Listen.  "F" you scale.  I said it, double fingers blazing, effffff you scale!  Why?  Because  I'm the most badass 178 pound, size 16 chick out there... (or at least at my gym.)  You can stick on that number all you want because I will not be stopped.  Today I ran for over 2 miles and for 30 minutes straight!  Young guy next to me?  Ran for 20 and was out.  Not me.  Thirty, 3-0, 30 minutes before walking.  So put that on your scale and weigh it.

And not only did I accomplish that but I accomplished it on a day where I wasn't walking in that gym feeling my best.  I was a little down about the weigh in, I was a little shaky (ok hungover) from my giant martini last night - didn't get much sleep and I had cramps.  But I sucked it all up, ate a little oatmeal and got my (still) big ass to the gym and running.

So there, scale.  Bring it.

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