Wednesday, March 17, 2010

day 38 - 45 days to go... back on track

So I was feeling better today (I would say about 85%) so decided to get back into the gym and do a 3 mile run to build up to the big (scary!) 5 miles I'll need to run on Friday.

It was good - I did it.  I think I did it in 45 minutes (I walked for the first 5 mins to warm up) so that's not bad it's 4.0 mile and I'm happy with that.  I ran pretty easily for the first ten minutes and even to reach 20 minutes of running wasn't too stressful -- these are such significant moments!  It was a few weeks ago that running for ten minutes was truly pushing myself and the first few weeks I remember when I could proudly run for five!  Running is kind of an exciting sport because you can truly see progress week to week if you stick with it.  Who knew?

And also, I'm pretty psyched about this.  I think I'm officially down a dress size.  I had to bring my computer to the Apple store today and had some time to kill.  Decided to window show --  then decided to try on some clothing to see how things were going.  You all know how frustrated I've been with the scale -- but they say the true test is in how things fit.  Well, I tried on a bunch of fourteens - and all of them fit.  I even bought a new pair of jeans in the 14 because I was so happy that they fit and a really cute shirt.  :)  I also loved this dress but they only had it in a 12 - now it was definitely a bit snug but the 12 fit!  Belt and all!  Yay!  So no matter what the scale says - I know good things are happening.

I know this is soooo corny, but here's a picture of me in the size 12 dress - couldn't resist!


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