Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 53 - 30 days to go...SEVEN MILES

OMG, people!  I ran for 7 miles today!  SEVEN miles!!  That's like 2 5k's back to back, that's for real -- no fooling, no doubt about it, some hard core running!!  I did it in 1:44 which averages a little over 4mph... respectable in my opinion as the amount of miles to run felt like forever...

The calorie burner said I burnt off 998 calories! LOL

I broke it up into two parts, the first 3 miles I ran in 44 mins and the next 4 miles I ran in exactly 59:28.  It was very tough and it seemed like I wasn't going to make my self imposed 4 miles in the hour.  after running 5 miles I was getting really tired and my legs were burning but once that treadmill got to around 50 mins, I let it rip and I dug deep to run the last ten minutes between 5.0 -5.5 to get 'er done.  There was nothing sweeter than making that goal.  I literally gave the double finger salute to the treadmill, as to say -- "ef" you I win!!  I think I might have done a Jersey fist pump in there too.  I'm pretty sure I looked absolutely insane, all red faced, hair frizzed, sweat dripping off every inch of my body, laughing and flipping off the treadmill but i don't care.  I did it.  And no one can take it away.

It was a souper moment for a souper gal... Don't forget to vote if you haven't today:  Jen's SOUPER and ran SEVEN MILES! VOTE HERE

Here's a picture of me post run.  Good thing Shoprite had that sale on frozen veggies - 7 miles required 6 bags of various mixed veggies to help get me iced down.


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