Saturday, March 20, 2010

day 41 - 42 days to go: The Good, the Bad, the not so ugly.

Well what a day!

THE GOOD:  Started out with some good news -- after many painful and disappointing weigh-ins, I finally had a big loss at the scale:  4.2 pounds!  Over the course of 2 years I am down a total of 62 pounds!!  Even though it's been slow, I'm proud of the accomplishment and I truly can say that the changes I've made are everlasting.

I then went out to Hillsdale, NJ to pick up my race kit for tomorrow.  My running number is 167 and the bib thing really makes you feel so official!  I was sooooooo excited about this race.  And still am but...

THE BAD:  I've been so very careful to properly train, rest, take that flex-a-min stuff, stretch, ice, etc... and then what happens to me today? I'm chasing after my son at a birthday party and trip in the backyard... and roll my ankle.  UGH!!!! REALLY?  Only me.  Only me.  I've been elevating and icing it.  Hoping it doesn't swell and that it's not a sprain.

THE NOT SO UGLY:  I think it's OK -- if I wasn't running I probably would walk it off and not think about it at all.  It's a little "stiff" feeling when I put weight on it but it's not killing me or anything.  I'm still icing and my plan is to see how it feels in the morning.  I'm PRAYING it's good enough to at least give it a try.  As of right now, I want to try to run it.  If it bothers me, I can walk it out.

It just blows.  I was so hyped for this and I didn't even get a cool injury.  Just lame-o, klutzy ol' me, playing in the backyard on the first nice Saturday of the year.  Sigh.

I'll let you know what happens!


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