From Fat To Finish Line - Film

Woo hoo! We made a running documentary.  Don't let the title fool you, it's not about me or this blog.

We are documenting the incredible, inspirational and motivational journey of a Ragnar Relay 12 man team's race in Miami - January 2013.  Everyone on the team has lost (an average) of about 100 pounds through running and healthy life-style change! The documentary will introduce each teammate, learn about their struggles and triumphs and then follow them on the nitty-gritty of the 200 mile race.

Yes. I am not only a producer of the project but I'm also on the team!

Read more about it here.

Or visit our official website.

Please like our Facebook page here to keep up-to-date on the progress and follow the film on Twitter!

GREAT NEWS! We will be world premiering the film at the Nashville Film Festival on April 18th and it will screen again on April 24, 2015. If you happen to be in Nashville - come check us out!! :)

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