Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 30 - 53 days to go!! It's a Spring thing!

It's a funny thing - while running outside is tougher - (I don't care what anyone says, it's easier to run when your "ground" is moving fast under your feet!) I was lured outside by the early, beautiful days of spring to do it again!  You can check out my progress today and the map of my neighborhood that I accomplished here:

MapMyRun.com - Regular Run: Regular Run on 03/09/2010

Karen, I am loving that Map my run site!

Anyway, it was cool because I don't run with a watch on.  So there's something nice about not watching the time.  Right now it's all about distance in training and today I was to run 2.5 I mapped out a 2.67 loop around the 'hood - figuring the extra little distance would benefit for some "warm up" and "cool down" walk time.

Anyhoo.  I made a note of when I left and when I returned - it took me approx. 40 mins which mapmyrun converted to 4.0 an hour (15 min per mile...) That's not bad!  Yes, at the gym my time is a little bit quicker but my neighborhood is filled with slopes, mini hills, dogs to avoid and cracked sidewalks to leap over - so I am proud of this.

I really feel it so much out there.  legs burn a little more, I'm sweating and catching my breath but it's a great shake up to the gym and when I get home I feel great.

By the way, if you are going to try to buy the Nike + and don't have the Nike sneakers that they try to sell to you for the chip thing -- make sure you get a shoe lace doohickey that will attach the thing to your sneaker while you are still at the store.  My poor friend Nicole bought it yesterday, was eager to get up and try it and then wound up on a wild goose chase all day to figure out how to get it attached to her shoelace...  She did leave me with this funny text by the end of the hunt:

Roadrunner pouch:  $5 dollars
time spent searching for it:  1.5 hours
having an awesome new (running) toy:  priceless

Mission accomplished!

have a happy tuesday!

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