Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm hooked

Ah... I still feel the after glow of yesterday's exciting event!

It's kind of like childbirth.  

At first, you make the decision to do it, and then the reality sinks in.  You're excited, scared, nervous, not sure you'll be able to pull it off.  Then, you prepare, though you never feel quite prepared enough.  And then the big day arrives.  And you realize it's more work than you thought, the pain starts and you begin second guessing everything.  The pain sometimes gets so bad, you're not sure you're gonna make it and you swear to yourself, you'd never do it again and question why you are here now!  But you push and push and finally an end is in sight!  And then, your pain becomes overshadowed by sheer joy and happiness.  The pain is still there but it doesn't matter.  It was all worth it.  And by the next day, you think to yourself, that wasn't so bad, I could do that again.  :)

A few people have told me that running marathons are addicting.  Yeah.  I can see that.

This blog and I are not going anywhere - so if you feel like sticking around, I'm going to figure out another journey - which includes a 5K in two weeks (I'm going for a better speed!) And obviously another marathon in my future... next one I'm going to shatter this whimpy speed I did this time.    

In other news... 

While I'm still a ways away from my weight loss goal, I went shopping today for a dress for my friend's wedding.  I went with friends Angela & Amy who's a fashion stylist.  I proudly pulled size 12's off the rack to try on... and wouldn't you know it?  I had to get the dress I decided to purchase in a SIZE TEN!!  Which I wouldn't have ever known if Amy wasn't with me.  I would've just bought the 12, not realizing it could possibly be too big...  I mean who knew!?  WOO HOOOO!!  So though, I've only lost 11 pounds since starting this running thing - I guess I've lost some inches.  

Ang took a picture of me in the dress:  

I was just trying it on for her - but I think it'll be cute when I have a little make up on and accessorize.  

So if you are reading this and have been toying with the idea of whether you should run or not - I say, do it.  You have only one life to live - what are you waiting for?

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