Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 3 - only 142 days to go! Tempting, tempting...

Hello there and happy Friday!

A few of you have said that you might want to take up running - BRAVO!  If you look down to the right of this blog, there's three different links for training.

If you are a beginner and never really ran before, start with the link to run 30 minutes in 3 weeks.

Once you've got that, move on to the 1/2 marathon training guide.

If you are already an expert runner and considering going for the real deal - the bottom link is a 26 mile marathon training guide.

So decisions, decisions.

My running buddy Angela, just told me she's going for a full marathon on Dec. 5th in Vegas - It's called, "the Rock n Roll" marathon.

Rock and Roll?  Vegas?   Wow, if they were handing out shots of tequila instead of shots of gatorade i would've already signed up!  Sounds like my kind of race!

Anyhoo -- I'm really, really tempted to sign up for the full.  I mean what an enormous challenge - it would be a huge feat to go from barely being able to run for a minute in February to running a full marathon in under a year.

I don't know what I want.

I mean for all my BS yesterday with Want VS Can't...  JEEZE am I being challenged.

I am afraid of failure, I am afraid of it hurting, I am not sure I can commit to any type of long run day that would equate to five or six hours of running.  OMG!  Yet, there's a nagging voice, somewhere... maybe it's from hell for all I know but this voice is saying, "Go for it."  And then there's the voice that is saying - "what are you nuts?"  But then again, that voice told me I was nuts when I decided to run 13.

Sigh.  I've got to give this some thought.

In the meantime, I decided to do an easy 2 miles today.  It was a fun run and my best pace (4.9 - sooo close to that 5.0 or better I'm striving for!)

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