Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 15 - 130 days to go - to marathon or 1/2 marathon - that is the question

So that damn Biggest Loser.  Here I am for a third time, writing an entry about something that happened on BL...  Next week is the finale, what the hell am I gonna talk about once the show is over?


Anyway, last night the final four ran a fricken marathon.  I was happy for them.  I really was.  You all know how I buy into this show.  I root for these people, cheer them on at the scale, let them inspire me... and then they run 26 miles and though I was happy and inspired, it also irritated me.

I had finally come to the comfortable decision that Hal was right, that I should be running at least a year before making any kind of 26 mile commitments.  I finally felt settled that I would strive to run the 1/2 at the rock n roll marathon in December.  As it is, I've been struggling to get back into running more than 3 miles at a time the last few weeks.  I felt that taking on a marathon would be too much and probably way too ambitious and then there they were, on Biggest Loser, running 26 miles.

Daris did it in just over 4 hours!  (Hello!?  only 45 minutes more than my half!) and the rest did it in six hours or so.

And that's where the irritation comes in.  Those four BL people prove that it's possible.  Ashley and Michael still have significant weight to lose and they did it.  Why can't I?  Why shouldn't I?


I guess I can run a fricken marathon.  Now it's just about wanting to.


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Frannie said...

Cool! I already had checked out the blog but hadn't posted a comment yet... I'll try to check in and do that! I FINALLY hit the gym on Friday after not running all week since the 5k... did a slow 3 miles! I might need to look for a different run than the one on 6/5. I have an event the night before and I probably won't be in good shape! We can chat more and see if we find something that works.