Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 10 - 135 days to go - on the move

Tomorrow is move day - yee ha.  It's the end of this chapter and on to the next.  I'm sad to leave my home and neighborhood but looking forward to new adventures.

Today I was in packing hell and with boxes up to our ears, there is no end in sight.  Luckily, the closing isn't for a while so if were not 100% ready we can still come back and forth with stuff.  Not ideal but it's fine.

I didn't run today but last night I was fiddling around with Map My Run and found this area that actually shows you all these overall stats - How cool is this!  I've run 133.07 miles in a month and 6 days!  LOL - and have burned over 16,000 calories.  Not bad for a months work.  :)  Have a great weekend.  Not sure I'll post tomorrow night because I won't have internet and I'm not so sure I want to write a blog post on my  Blackberry, tho, I've done stranger things.  


MapMyPoints: 1170
Member Since: 03/08/2010
Total Maps: 10
Total Workouts: 39
Total Distance: 133.07 mi.
Total Burned: 16,325 (kcal)

Workout Summary

Gym / Health Club: 19
Run: 15
Sports / Activities: 1
Walk: 4

Green Stats 

Total Workout Days: 38
Distance Traveled: 133.07 mi.
Gas Saved: 7.39 gallons
Money Saved: $25.73
Carbon Offset: 143.1 lbs. of CO2


Frannie said...

Nice! I still have to figure out how to use all of the resources you've mentioned. Looking forward to the 5k on Sunday...I'll call u tomorrow. Moving is no fun... good luck settling in.

Abbey said...

Congrats Jen! That's some serious pavement pounding!

sk said...

Wow, those numbers are pretty impressive when laid out like that! I like how they tell you how much money you have saved -- I guess you didn't input the cost of new shoes and all the extra running gear ha ha ha.

good luck with the move. "New chapter" is exactly right!