Sunday, May 16, 2010

5K Today!

Hello there and happy Sunday!

I am at a friends house on his lap top - I am soo used to my own computer that this thing seems foreign.  (I'm a mac - he's clearly a PC...)

But determined to carry on my blogging dedication, I am using this damn PC at this guys house.

So today was a great running day - at my friend Nicole's suggestion, I signed up for the, "Race the Palisades 5K for Diabetes" race.  Frannie a long-time friend, joined me for her first run!

She did excellent!  It was her first and not only did she run the entire time but she finished about 10 (probably more!) ahead of me.  I can't wait for her to run her first half with me in September!  :) 

Thanks, Frannie for inspiring me!  So many times I wanted to walk.  I was so thirsty (WTF - not one water station!)  Also there was no signs or cheerleaders like I experienced at the last two runs I did.  This was fun because it was such a gorgeous day but the run itself was pretty no frills. 

In any case, if Frannie wasn't plugging along, I think I might've walked some, especially in the last mile where most of it was uphill!

The no frills worked to our advantage because not stopping for water probably added a good minute or two to my final time which was 35:53 or so.  YAY!  I think that's almost a full five-six minutes better than my first one just a month and a half ago!  :)

Tomorrow when I've got my own 'puter back - I'll post some pics.

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