Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 4 - only 141 days to go! Saturday Weigh in

Well, I only lost .4 or something at WW this week -- even running a marathon doesn't make it fall off :)

Eh, it doesn't even make me mad anymore.  I'm working hard, I'm feeling good and my blood pressure is excellent (120/70 as of yesterday!) Life is good and I'll get to my goal weight sooner or later - even if it's .2 or .4th of a pound at a time.

I did a VERY short run today - I have a lot going on and limited time but I thought a little spin around the neighborhood couldn't hurt.  It was only a 1.25 miles but I tried to pick up the pace since I knew it was short.  I did it in my best pace yet (5.2 mph!)  Sooo happy to break the 5.0 mark even if it was such a short run.  (It's about an 11.5 minute mile...) I'm getting there!

Tonight I get to wear my size 10 dress.  :)

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.
Henry Ford 

I thought I'd post this quote off the heals of the can vs. want blog from Thursday night.  I loved it when I found it.

For the record, I'm still not sure about whether I should sign up for the full marathon in December.  A friend told me (and he meant no harm) that marathons are for athletes -- that they are miserable and that people who've run their whole lives run them.  "13 miles is one thing, Jen and I have no doubt that your heart and head could do it but physically, you might want to give yourself another year..."

Huh.  Well if anything makes me want to do something, it's the desire to prove someone wrong!

We'll see, for now I'll keep thinking about it.

Have a fab Saturday and Happy Momma's day.

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