Tuesday, May 25, 2010

day 21 - 124 days to go -this just sucks

*WARNING:  This blog will contain lots of whining.  You are cordially invited to my pity party.

So it's been a rough few days.  Yesterday I went to the doc to have my toe looked at and it was determined that the nail would have to be removed!

OUCH.  That sucked.

And what sucks more is that it's tender and I can't even get a sock on, never mind a sneaker.  Not to mention that walking kind of hurts.  Running is out for the time being.  Here's a picture of my toe all mummied and bandaged up.  Booo...


Of-course, I had to travel with bum toe to LA last night - and while here in La-la land, I had images of running along the beach, taking in different paths, feeling fit, and generally just feeling healthy.  Now I'm just (trying not to) feel grumpy.

Pout.  I can't even wear cute shoes to my meetings... WAHHHHH!

Oh well.  Hopefully it'll start to ease soon.

I am trying to count my blessings which are:

-I don't have any big races coming up - this could've happened a day before the 1/2 and I would've been beyond devastated

-I still have nine good toes

-It's late May opposed to mid-January so wearing flip flops, acceptable and practical

-I can hobble around pretty well -- some people get injured and they can't walk

-My hands are still in working order - all fingers are operating perfectly

So there's always the bright side, I guess.

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