Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 83 - This is it!! OMG!

The big day has arrived.  I'm in a hotel room at the Jersey Shore where Angela and I just toasted our run with Bobby Flay burgers and Sweet Potato Fries...  A fat, protein and carb trifecta of awesomeness which was delicious at the time but has given my, now used to pretty clean eating, a big fat tummy ache.  :)  I'll be fine - just a small reminder that indulgent food generally makes you feel, well, crappy. (No offense Bobby)

I am so excited and so nervous that I'm pretty sure that sleep isn't going to be easy but we have enough power goo, 5 hour energy shots and adrenaline to carry us through more than a few marathons so I'm sure we'll be fine.

So here's my Bib:

Look, they even put my name on it!  Which is very interesting being that I didn't notice anyone else had their names on their bibs -- Maybe it's something they do for first time runners or maybe it's done randomly?  Or maybe they've heard all about that "souper" Jen (lol - I'm soooo kidding.)  In any case, I am very appreciative for my personalized bib, because in my opinion - that's totally fab.

Don't forget, they are streaming the race live at - maybe you'll find me!  I'm personalized!

See you at the finish line!!


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