Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 5 - only 140 days to go! Curses! Foiled again by a dastardly waiter!

The wedding was fabulous and mother's day was nice too...

But I overindulged.

I totally ate too much and would have to run from Jersey to the moon to burn off the calories.

Uck.  What are you going to do?  The evil waiter with the lamb chops totally made me do it.  After trying to turn down a second (after eating a bunch of other delectable things on napkins) he looked at me and said, "why wouldn't you eat another - they are delicious - what?  You make these everyday at home?"  No, I sure don't.  Nor do I make brie, mini creme brulees, or homemade ice cream fudge sundaes in waffle cone bowls.   Yeah.  It was like that.  Plus alcohol and some other tasty things along the way.

Just when I think I've become a lean, clean eater who wants to avoid sugar, carbs, and fat -- I get attacked by deliciousness in every corner.

Oh well.  Back on track tomorrow - I need not go back to a size 16 but whomever said that nothing tastes as good as feeling thin feels, never tasted a mini creme brulee-  because that's pretty close :)

I've kinda come to a Vegas marathon decision...

The decision is, I'm going to make my decision in September.  The entry fee is pretty hefty so I'm going to guess that it won't sell out (but I'll keep my eye on it.)  I'm going to train for a full marathon and then see where I'm at and how I'm feeling in September on October 1st I will be signing up or not signing up but a decision will be made.  Either way,  I'm going to try to get to Vegas to support Angela in her amazing decision to run her first full!  Can't think of a more exciting reason to go anyway!


PS:  after checking out the marathon training schedule, the first thing Hal says is, "you should already be running for at least a year..."  Hmmph.
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