Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 66 - 15 days to go - NINE miles... NINE!!

OUUUUUUUCH!!!  Nine miles!!

I think I'm feeling pretty good about that but the pain radiating thru most of my body is blocking the path to  the part of my brain that would normally be bursting with pride...  In fact, I think the pain has opened a new pathway to, "Maybe running 13 miles is not your best idea ever."


That ouch was the sound of me smacking myself in the head for even letting that thought cross my mind.

Of course it's a good idea and it'll seem like a better idea tomorrow when my body is feeling better.  :)

To get thru it, I did tell myself a few times, "it's "only" 3 miles, 3 times..." LOL -- do you remember what an accomplishment it was for me to run my first 3 miles!?  I do:  Day 24: 3 miles

And I'm really proud of the fact that I ran for one whole solid hour until walking!  New personal record. I was feeling really good the first hour, it wasn't until hour two I started to fall apart.

So I really enjoyed listening to a few new tunes.  "Lay All Your Love On Me" from Abba was really fun to run to.  I also did enjoy, "Run to you" Bryan Adams and the Jovi, "Runaway" tune.

And I also added "Get Back" a Ludicris song I happened upon.  The beat really works but...

the problem with (some) Rap is the lyrics.  With charming lyrics such as, "Get Back m'f*cker you don't know me like that..." and "I came, I saw, I hit 'em right in the jaw..." (This was the "nicer" lyrics by the way) this might be good for you Karen and Sara to train for your next Warrior dash.

I have a personal problem with the concept of "packing heat" and "watching the bitches get drunk," but other than all that - great song.  HA!  ;)

Ironically rap isn't a genre I would think I would like and in real life, it's not really my bag but it works in running for me.  As does a lot of rock that I wouldn't think I'd like.  Go figure.

Next week ten miles and then I taper off.  I honestly am getting a little scared.  It was really hard today and I didn't think I was going to make it but here I am, still standing and still running.

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