Wednesday, April 14, 2010

day 64 - 17 days to go - 10 "run" songs pondered

I am always on the hunt for good running songs.   You would think that if the word run was in the title, theoretically, it could be a good running tune... but not so.  How many songs with the word run in the title or chorus can you think of?  You be the judge good running song or just running on empty?

1)  Run To You - Whitney Houston - Too slow and too sad to think about poor Whitney, just brings my stride down.  Crack is whack.
2)  I'm gonna Run To You - Bryan Adams - can go either way.  Starts slow but picks up, jury's out but I vote yes overall.
3)  Run Around Sue - Dion - eh.  This depends if you're into the old school sweatin' to the oldies type thing.  I love this song (my mom is a Sue and she loves it) but running?  nah.  I vote no.
4)  Running To Stand Still - U2 - No one loves U2 more than me but Beautiful Day this is not and while I can appreciate this song, it's snoozearama when it comes to running.  Nope.
5)  Runaway - Del Shannon - this is another sweatin to the oldies.  light jog to the sugar free jello line in the buffet after church, maybe.
6)  Runaway - BON JOVI 'nuff said.  Can take the girl outta Jersey...  Downloading to I Pod as we speak.
7)  Take The Money and Run - Steve Miller Band.  Sigh.  Lots of drinking to this song in college - one of my friends always played it at the place we hung out.  Really love it.  I think I could kind of run to it, if I can fight the urge to take a shot of tequila and smoke a cigarette during my run, could possibly work out.  Will get back to you on it.  Hopefully will not trigger former pack a day habit of marlboro lights.
8) I Ran - Flock of Seagulls -*think it could work but can't get image of creepy band out of my mind...

9.) Running With The Devil - Van Halen - when David Lee Roth was still cool.  And sane.  But back to the song.  Not sure - what do you think?
10) Born To Run - The Boss got this one right.  :)



Nicole said...

Run this town-Jay Z... too slow.
Running on empty-Jackson Browne-makes me think of Forrest Gump...inspiring or just annoying?lol.
Yeah it is more about tempo than words :)

Jen said...

lol Nikki. love it!!

sk said...

We run this - Missy E.
Run - Gnarls Barkley
I run for life -Mellissa Ethridge (kind of slow but maybe insprirational)
Run it - Chris brown
run around - Blues Traveler

Jen said...

nice "run" list Sara!