Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 56 - 25 days to go... A run in the sun, not so fun.

OK, major mistake.  After running in a temp controlled environment (the gym) and in slightly cooler weather outdoors up until today - I made a bad decision.  It was 82 degrees, slightly muggy,very sunny and 3 PM... and I thought that would be a good time to run.  Without water.  Wearing black.

My bad.

It's probably not that big a deal if I had worked up to this temp but being that it was 20 degrees warmer than anything I had ever run in, I really felt the heat.  I wound up walking way too much during the last mile or so - I was dizzy and soooo thirsty that I might have stuck my head in a puddle if I happened upon one.  Of course, the park I ran through kept giving me little mini teases of water fountains that I would run out of my way to, only to find them not operating.  Remember that cartoon where wandering nomads in the desert would hallucinate mirages of palm tree shaded ponds?  That was me.

I didn't bring water because I didn't want to be bogged down running and holding a water bottle.  Maybe that was an error.

Even a little cooled down soup would've been welcomed.  Hey, did someone mention soup?  Did you know you could vote here and make me super souper!?  it was souper hot out today but please vote anyway!

Aside from the heat, the other annoying thing I forgot to take into consideration was the fifty schools (well really 4 schools but still) that all let out during my run.  I love kids and all but trying to weave in and out of a sea of brooding high school students loitering about is not my idea of fun.  It's actually my idea of torture.  In addition to clogging up the sidewalks - they immediately make me feel old and dorky.

But alas, the heat, the kids, the mirages of water didn't kill me and I'm still standing.  I still ran four miles (OK probably ran 3 and walked one or something...) but I did it and learned some lessons - I finished with an overall pace of 4.1 mph which tells me that the time I was running must've been pretty good because I walked a lot and thought my pace would wind up slower than that.

Do you runners bring water with you on your runs outside?  Do you carry it in hand or is that some kind of fanny pack/tool belt things that you employ?  Is it cumbersome?

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