Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 58 - 23 days to go... Eight miles!!

I ran EIGHT miles, people.  I feel like a warrior.  A very tired, sore but none the less, ass kickin' warrior.

I did it in 1:53:44 which comes to a 4.25 pace!  That's well within finishing in time for my medal, if I can sustain it for 13 miles.

I decided to go to the gym and I'm glad I did -- the nifty cup holding, dashboard was needed, I brought three big things of liquid and needed every last drop to get through the nearly 2 hour run.

I can't even believe this is me.  I mean I got to the five mile mark and instead of crumbling, I thought to myself, "only 3 more miles..." Seriously.  "Only."  HUH?

The big downside is that I'm soooo tired.  I came home, iced down, popped an aspirin, ate a Healthy Choice entree and decided to lay down for 20 mins.  Well, 20 mins turned into a 2 hour nap and I really am still beat.  I think I have to figure out the food part for these long run days.  According to my training log, I burned 1088 calories today.  I still eat pretty light with a Weight Watcher mentality, even when I try to beef it up, I think on these days I need to really beef it up and I'm not quite sure how to or where to start.  I am no Michael Phelps but I have read that even athletes have to eat more on training days and competing days.  Not sure, I'll have to google some ideas.

My article ran in the Nutley Sun today!  It's a big story about me running around the 'hood and working towards the marathon -- they also asked readers to VOTE for JEN in the souper you contest I will scan and post it for you to check out tomorrow!

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