Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 81 - almost there!

I'm starting to get super excited!  Only two more days!!  I've been training and working towards this for 81 days now!

I'm so proud of myself for this journey - regardless of what happens on race day because this was an amazing experience and life lesson about perseverance.  About pushing away excuses and going for something.  About working through road blocks, dealing with set backs, struggling with emotions, hard days, tempting food, bad weather, achey joints, crappy sneakers and illness.

It's about getting knocked down but always getting back up again.  It's about goal setting.  It's about accepting imperfection.  It's about shooting for the moon and landing in the stars.

My whole life I've gotten hot for some big idea, only to see it fade away after a few days or weeks.  To hit a wall and let it slip through my hands.  This is the first (meaningful) time I've set a physical goal so big and pushed towards it, no matter what.

It also feels good to have committed to and followed through with writing this blog (even on boring - not much to report days.)  I missed one entry and that was because I simultaneously had the stomach flu, a power outage and not much to report anyway.  I do love writing but every night this blog takes up a decent chunk of time out of my life - somedays, thinking about and coming up with something that I think might be relevant and interesting (plus keep myself thinking) takes as long as and is as challenging as a run!  So just being able to do this has been awesome.

Thank you for being a part of this life changing journey with me.


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