Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 53 - 28 days to go... Happy Saturday!

It's a gorgeous day and I did my 3 mile "recovery" walk home from my Weight Watcher meeting today.  Funny, how speed walking 3 miles is now a "recovery" from anything.  lol ;)

The really funny thing is, I've been going to that WW meeting for three years now and it never occurred to me to walk.  It seems really far just driving there to me.  So even the decision to walk home today, making it and realizing that it was no big deal - was kind of a positive step in the right direction for me.

I had my weigh in and I lost a whopping .2  add that to my giant .6 from last week and we're looking at .8th of a pound in two weeks.  Yes, you should read the hint of sarcasm in there.  I mean you would think I at very least, sweated .2 away just from running for 7 miles.

But I'm feeling thinner, things are fitting better and people are starting to notice that I'm losing weight so I'm getting to a place where I'm more at peace with whatever the scale says because I think my body is changing.  In fact, some of my clothing is getting too big to wear.  I wore a pair of sweats today that were super annoying because as I was walking home, they kept sliding down - and these I only bought a month or so ago!  :)   So I think my next run will be to the mall!

Don't forget to go to the polls and vote in the Souper You contest today!  JEN IS SOUPER - PLEASE VOTE!  I made the announcement in my WW meeting so hopefully I'll pick up a few more votes there too!!

Have a great Saturday.

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