Monday, April 12, 2010

DAY 62 - 19 days to go - Monday rest day

I've not much to say today, I'm saving my energy for later this week and the nine mile run.

So, in an effort to say something I will say this, thank you for all your souper votes.  If it's before midnight you can give it one last shot:

LAST CHANCE to make Jen Souper

But you know, no matter what happens I'm good.

I wouldn't even be in the position to possibly win something cool if I had never started on this journey.  So many good things have come from this simply, complicated thing called, running.

I've lost some weight, lost some inches, gained confidence, found a great stress reliever, made new friends, seen new towns, have found a love of blogging and walk with a little more pride.  I'm so proud of the strides I've made and I know this is all just the beginning.

And it's corny but the amount of gratitude I have towards you guys, my friends who cheer me up when I've had a crappy weigh in or laugh at my horrible puns, indulge my over the top "rebirth of life," Jack Handy, "Deep Thoughts," type entries are the absolute best and every day I truly feel blessed for the love.

So no matter what happens when the results come down, truth is I am a souper winner.


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