Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 76 - 7 days to go!!

It's the final countdown...

One small week until the sneakers hit the road.  I'm getting nervous and excited -- I'm excited to take on the biggest physical challenge of my life.  I can't properly articulate what made me take this thing on but I'm glad I did.

You know, besides getting physically stronger, this running thing has helped so much of my life fall into place - I've become fitter, a better writer, a more patient mother, more motivated to reach for dreams and even, "souper."

They say that one small change can lead to big life movements and it's absolutely true.  Who woulda thunk that just putting one foot in front of another -in a quick succession could do all it's done?  Not me.

I lost .2 pounds at Weight Watchers this week.  My personal weight loss goal since I started this thing was 15 pounds. (from 180 - 165)  I'm at 167.  I need to lose two pounds this week to be perfectly on target.  It's pretty amazing.  I only lost 7 pounds all of last year - I've nearly doubled that and we're not even half way through 2010!  So put out the "lose weight vibes" for me this week because I would be soooo happy to have also set and reached my weight loss goal for this thing!!

Happy Saturday.

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