Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 65 - 16 days to go - Souper results

Well, we gave it a shot.  I came in fourth place in the soup contest.  So close to the top 3 grand prize, yet, so far away.

Thank you soooo much to you guys for voting so often for me.  Four out of ten is still respectable and I appreciate your help.

Oh well.  I'm happy that the Ovarian cancer survivor girl came in third and next time I enter such a contest I will remember to take my picture in a pair of enormous pants ;) 

It was a fun run and it was an honor to be nominated.  

Tomorrow is the nine miler -- ooooof... The thing about these long runs is it's just such a loooooong time to be on an f'in treadmill and there's no way around being on the thing for 2+ hours - it is what it is.  I'll get through it.  And then next week I'll get thru 10 and then I think I'll back off until race!!  OMG it's coming so quickly!!

Inspired by yesterday's music blog, I downloaded a few new songs to add to the mix:

Runaway (Jovi) I wasn't lying about adding that one
I'm gonna Run To You - Bryan Adams - I did kind of dig that song in the day, we'll see if it works
Here I Go Again - White Snake (I kinda liked this song in the day too - could be too slow.  we'll see)
Lay All Your Love on Me - Abba 

OK, clearly, I was walking down a lane of music past -- I don't think there's a single song from this or  even the last few decades!  :)

Don't ever hesitate to throw out song suggestions because I tire of music quick and always need something to add!!  

By the way, I added "Alive and Kicking" - Simple Minds to the mix a few weeks ago - I feared this might be too slow but there's something I really love about this song and I find it a song I look forward to running with.



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