Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 59 - 22 days to go - happy friday!

Good 'ol Amby Burfoot author of The Runner's Guide to The Meaning of Life says:

"Life goes on, day after day, but it also has the ability to reinvent itself, to start over. This is what the seasons show us. We all have marveled at the apple tree's ability to rest through a dark, cold winter, then to grow new leaves in the spring, to blossom again, to bear fruit. We don't often think of our own lives this way, but I think we should."

Loving this quote and still  have to order his book.  Every day is a new beginning an opportunity to be better than we were yesterday.  If I've learned anything it's, you can't be so busy looking backwards that you're missing what's coming at you.  

We need to keep moving forward and while yesterday may help to have influenced who you are, it certainly doesn't define you.  You can be better if you want to be better.  If you were once great - you still have to work at greatness because your past will only carry you so far.  It was great that I ran 8 miles yesterday, momentous even!  But, I can't hang my hat on that and stop my journey.  I must forge forward.  Onward to the next great challenge (9 miles next week!) until finally I'm running 13.  But even once I reach that goal - I will have to figure out my next goal.  26 miles?  Biathalon?  Tri?  Who knows?  

Running around outside during Spring is amazing - the smells, the warmth, the sun but it's really all about the blossoms, the little flowers that are breaking their way through cold, hard ground, refusing to be kept down.  The buds on trees that only a few weeks ago looked bleak and deadened.  Life is renewing all around and it's the perfect time for us to do some spring cleaning of our own and begin renewing our lives again.


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