Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 54 - 27 days to go... Easter Bunny and Jen on the run!

Happy Easter everyone.

This morning was perfect here in New Jersey.  The type of morning that if you could bottle and sell, you'd get millions for.  The flowers are beginning to bloom, the trees are sprouting leaves, the sky blue, the sun shining.  Weather at 8 AM was around 63 degrees (give or take) and all was perfect.

I decided to do my 4 mile run outside.  It was a great run.  I did it (and it was more than 4 miles - not sure how much it was because my run included going through parks and mapmyrun doesn't map park trails...) in just under an hour.  If it was 4 miles it would've been done in 4.22 but it was more so I'm really pleased with the time.  I barely walked and there's something about running outside that just is so different than running on a treadmill.

My top five reasons to run outside vs. running at gym
1.  Scenery of parks, houses and gardens more motivating than watching steroid dude misuse weights and guzzle power smoothies
2.  You never know what you might find outside... Today I found a coupon for $.75 off my next purchase at Shoprite while passing said store.  SCORE!
3.  Evading angry dogs, smiling at neighbors and leaping over potholes in a single bound makes you feel super hero like... (or just SOUPER, don't forget to VOTE here:  vote for your fav souper hero here )
4.  Pretending that the people mowing their lawns are watching you, makes you run faster (it's true!)
5.  The sun on your face, the wind on your back and the fact that once you are a few miles from home and the only way back is to run the distance back - good incentive to keep moving!!

and of course, running outside does have it's cons:

My top five reasons to run at the gym vs. running outside
1.  Steroid dude too self-absorbed to notice you doing disco guns as you run to "I'm Coming Out" from Diana Ross
2.  The floor is moving.   Move your feet or die.  (Well maybe not die, but definitely get hurt and then die of embarrassment as the steroid dude tries to peel your face off the treadmill.)
3.  2 nifty cup holders and a dashboard to hold beverages of choice and sweat towel.
4.  No rain, no angry dog no chance of, "stepping on a crack and breaking your momma's back."
5.  If nature calls, you're 2 feet away from a place "to go."

Oh man, I wish I didn't have to rest tomorrow.  I had such a good run today, I want to do it again tomorrow!!

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