Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend recap and other crap

Porky's next to my WW center never gets old to me - yes,
my actual center
After my crappy run on Friday, I decided to take Saturday off. I camethisclose to taking today off too but I was starting to feel a little depression creep in. Not sure why. I was just having a serious case of the blahs and at 4:30PM I looked down to realize that I was still in my pajamas. Not good.

The rain has me feeling a little ho-hum too.

So I pushed myself to the gym. (I didn't have the hoorah in me to run in the damp, icky rain…) 

Because I was still not feeling particularly motivated I decided not to do my Nike+ thing. My Nike+ app asks for how many miles you are planning to run before starting and it then automatically tells everyone on face book that "Jennifer has just started a 2 mile run" or whatever...  

I didn't want to put the pressure on myself to run a certain distance or pace so I just went. I gave myself permission to do just one mile and to just walk if I really wanted to. I knew that doing just one slow, walking mile would still make me feel slightly less crappy than doing nothing at all.

I got there and started with a walk - before I knew it, I was running and running pretty well. I finished 2 miles in 21:00 or so - better than I would've thought.

And while I still feel slightly blah, I do feel at least 50% better than I did before and that does count for something!! AND it was a waaaay better little run than my Friday debacle.

As far as the cleaner eating - I'm doing pretty good. I would give myself a B to a B+ this week.

The good: I juiced 6 out of 7 days. I had the Chia Seeds 4 out of 7 days. I cut out most gluten, ate tons and tons of fresh fruits and vegetables and swapped most of our meats, eggs, dairy to organic versions.

The bad: I'm still far from being 100% onboard. Yesterday I visited a friend and dove head first into a bowl of tostitos, crackers and goat cheese. I also polished off a half a bottle of wine and a giant piece of cake.  Ooops. Ah well. That's gonna happen. Won't be the first time and probably not the last.

The great: Not one yellow packet of sweetener in more than a week. NO artificial sweeteners of any kind. That I'm going to really try not to bend on.

The kinda annoying: I gained a pound and a half at WW this week. Damn those fattening Chia Seeds and juice! (Just kidding… Eh, it's fine - I'm still well with-in my goal range - just, still, it's a little annoying.)


And speaking of gluten free eating, on Friday my allergy tests came back. I do not have celiac or any food allergies so now the doc wants to send me to a GI - Yippe.   

Still, I do think I could be gluten intolerant because I really have felt better since cutting most of it out. Today I don't feel so awesome but it follows a day that had gluten in it - coincidence? I don't know yet.  Could've been the wine too? 

For dinner I'm going to try this organic brown rice pasta from Trader Joes and will be making a homemade meat sauce to top it.
I tried to make this picture of my pasta a little jazzy ;)

Hope you had a fab weekend!

What have you successfully given up lately?

Know anyone who is gluten free?

Have you ever tried brown rice pasta?

Do you ever go to the gym with the intention of working out for only 10 minutes? (ha) that's probably just me.


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