Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ING NYC Marathon lottery results are in

My dream of running the 2012 ING NYC marathon has been officially crushed.


I understand it's a long shot to get in thru the lottery but for some reason I really, really believed it was gonna happen.

I went in to celebrate the opening day today in Central Park.

It was a beautiful day and I was surrounded by 300 other running nerds / NYC marathon hopefuls:

pick me! Or not :'(
At least I got a cool swag bag and a cute tee-shirt:
116 - not a winner
Better luck next year…

No I'm not. Took this picture full of hope
I went to the gym and pounded a speedy 3 miles to get out the post-no-good marathon news depression. It helped.

Last year was the last year you can get denied 3 years in a row and gain automatic entry. This was my first year - so I have no future net. 

Did you get in?
What's your dream race?
Have you ever been crushed by not getting into a dream race?


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