Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Biggest Losers or just big losers?

These Biggest Loser contestants have got to be FRICKEN kidding me. Serioulsy.

I warn you that I'm entirely too fired up over this nonsense. I mean it's a reality show. Who gives a crap? Apparently I do.

If you haven't watched yesterday's Biggest Loser episode yet then I would say stop reading and come back when you're done.

For those who don't watch the show at all, here is what happened in a nut-shell. The five remaining contestants 'caught wind' that eliminated contestants were going to be invited back to the ranch for their chance to compete for the Biggest Loser title.

Apparently, these contestants got a bug up their asses about it and decided that they would quit the show rather than have to compete against eliminated contestants.

They cried, "Not fair!" "They weren't here!" "We don't want them back!"  And were against this "unfair" twist.

I say. Boo fucking hoo.

REALLY? It's not fair?

This is the season of "no excuses." It shouldn't bother you who they bring back to the ranch. Focus ON YOU. This is The Biggest Loser, a reality/GAME show. There's all kinds of f'ed up twists and turns, that's what makes it - say it with me - ENTERTAINMENT -- You sign up for the chance to win a big prize and in the process, these folks SAVE YOUR LIFE. It's a trade-off.  They give you the tools, focus, attention, food, training and resources to lose 100+ pounds. That is an opportunity that millions would kill for, but you, spoiled contestants - pout and take your ball off the playground as soon as you don't like the rules of the game.

It's UNFAIR of you to leave just because you don't like a twist or turn.

There's lots of unfair things about the show. It's unfair that the boys usually have an easier time losing weight or that many of the challenges are easier for men with upper-body strength. It's unfair that sometimes those who work the hardest get voted off early because their hard work didn't show up at the scale. It's unfair that guys in their 60's have to compete against kids in their early 20's, it's unfair that sometimes the ones who need to be there the most, go home the soonest… It's unfair that women have to deal with periods, cramps and extra bloating -- everything is freaking unfair. Suck it up, buttercups.

Ultimately only two out of the five left - the remaining 3 decided to stick it out.

Shame on you two for taking advantage of the process, happily losing all the weight you wanted, getting the benefit of makeover week, getting the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the White House and meet the First Lady and then ungratefully leaving. Someone else would've killed for your spot.

So that's my two cents.

Did you see the show? What are your thoughts?

I know this is a complete over-reaction by the way. I am well aware that my own obsession about this episode makes me slightly psycho but that's how I roll. At least I admit I have a problem.


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