Wednesday, April 11, 2012

California love and stuff

I am still hanging out in California.

It's been an awesome whirlwind of a trip. Saturday took me across another finish line at the Hollywood Half. - It wasn't easy but it was awesome.

Sunday, I headed up to San Francisco on a road trip for a little business.

Along the way I was tempted by tons of fast food options. In the old days I would greedily eat a burger and fries and "blame" the road trip for "messing up my diet." But this time was different. Instead of giving into that little voice that was begging for something crappy, I went to Starbucks and picked up this:

It's a little box meal that had hummus, fresh veggies, grilled chicken and a little whole wheat pita. I don't remember exactly the NI but it was pretty good. Had fiber, low in fat, not too bad in sodium and some protein. Way better than anything else I would typically get on a road trip. My biz partner, Ang, also stocked the car with low fat cheese, fruit and hard-boiled eggs so we really were able to eat well on the journey.

While on this trip, I got to meet a few of my fellow Ragnar Racer teammates for the first time! It's been awesome.

Before heading North, I met John after the Hollywood Half. John writes this awesome blog - check it out. 
John looking handsome, me still skanky and in race outfit
While up North, I met Ada Wong (from Biggest Loser contestant) I did a little interview with her (more on that to come) and then took a hard core fitness class with her. Fun but OUCH! (There were NFL players in that class!)

me looking all interview-y and news like
Finally we swung by Merced and met Mary - she writes this great blog that has been documenting her 155+ weight-loss/running journey.

My little grey jacket gets around, huh?
How much do you love the words on her wall?  Me too. I mean, it couldn't be more perfect. Fell in love with this girl.

Hope all is well with you.

How do you keep on track when you travel?

Do you find it harder to resist "crap" food when you're on the road?


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