Saturday, April 14, 2012

The dog ate my food tracker and weighing in

Oh yeah. Wine is not a fruit… 
As a lifetime Weight Watcher member I find it very important to go to my meeting whenever I can. Sure, every once in a while there's a race or commitment that might cancel out my standard Saturday morning appointment, however, I make it my business to go as often as I can.

I believe in facing the scale no matter what happened that week. Even when I know I'm not gonna like what it has to say.

Today, I assumed I'd be holding steady at about my average of 144/145. My WW goal was 150 and I usually try to bounce between 143 - 146 or so. I like a little wiggle room. 

Going below that weight is very difficult for me to maintain and I find this to be a weight that I'm pretty healthy and happy at.

Uh. So I was shocked when I got on the scale and the number was 148.somethingIdon'tremember. Boo. I was up 3.8 pounds from my last weigh-in! 

So my immediate gut reaction was an excuse of-course. I thought to myself, "Well, I flew home last night so that must be it!"

While it's true that I ate pretty well while I was away - lots of healthy, organic meals. Lots of vegetables and low-fat protein and stuff... And while it's true that I also ran 13.1 and did one hard-core workout, it's also true that there were many, many things (besides the flight home) that probably affected the scale.

Uh. Like the fact that besides some walking, I didn't do much more activity. (I don't feel too badly about that. My body felt sore up until Thursday and I think I did need the rest.) Still, I wasn't burning calories thru exercise.

Ummmm… and how about the night we celebrated with martini's, cheese and a half of bottle of wine? Or the other night when we "celebrated" with top-shelf margarita's and then got so buzzed that we ate nearly the entire basket of tortilla chips and salsa? (Worth every calorie I might add…) Oh Yeaaaaah… And let's not forget last night, when I landed and didn't feel like going grocery shopping at 8PM at night so we ordered (GASP) chinese food and followed that up promptly with bed time…

Hmmm. Yeah. Could've been that. Oh and there wasn't a chia seed in sight. Sigh.

better to have a gorilla on your head
than a monkey on your back
It's fine. In hind-sight, I treated myself a little more than usual. And I'm OK with that. The cheese came right from the farm, the margaritas and chips were from the best mexican place in town and the wine was my favorite pricey bottle - It was a little indulgent now that I think about it but it was worth it, it was all delicious and shared with some of my favorite people.

All of these foods and cocktails I used to eat with reckless abandon and without a second thought. 

I'll carefully track my organic, whole foods, points this week, return to my running routine and get back in the saddle.

The bad news? My first reaction was to bury my head in the sand about the whole thing.  The good news? I'm able to recognize the issue, take responsibility and take the necessary steps to readjust. I also know that I can bounce right back. A few chia seeds, a little juicing and a lot of running will fix me right up.

Life will never be perfect. My food will never be 100% perfect and this won't be the last 3.8 pound gain I ever have. I enjoyed this week even if the scale wasn't as friendly as I wanted it to be.



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