Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life goals and other stuff

A little known fact about me…

I'm a computer file hoarder. I have stuff on my computer for years. Lots and lots of dumb shit I don't need or will ever need but I have a problem "permanently deleting" stuff… Ya just never know.

Today I was looking for something in my 80 million files and came across a document named:  100 Life Goals.

I probably have no less than 10 of these types of lists but this one was particularly interesting because I wrote it in 2005 - What were my goals back then?

Here's a sample - check out #71...

So, somewhere between having a crazy time in Vegas, hiking and learning about world politics - I thought I'd run at least a "5 mile marathon." Who knew there was such a thing as a 5 mile marathon? Jeeze and I've been wasting all this time running 13.1 and even doing a 26.2… I wonder if I can get a  sticker like this for my car but with the number 5?

And speaking of life goals… A couple of weeks until I find out about the NYC marathon. I went to the website today to poke around (and get excited for the drawing) and then read the fine print of the lottery… Ugh. Only 8% - 12% of lottery entrants get selected. I'm going to really need to pour some positive vibes into this one!

What are some of your life goals?

Do you like Vegas?

Have you ever run a 5 mile marathon?


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