Saturday, March 31, 2012

The worst run ever

wtf happened?
Yesterday I experienced the worst run ever.

I had grand plans of running 10 miles. I had the time, the weather was perfect, I had my new toy… so things should've went as planned.


I got to running, decided to run slower since mentally I wasn't into it and it was a longer run for me. Fine.

My legs were feeling tight (perhaps from pushing the speed one two many times this week) but aside from that I was just mentally - UCK. I had zero desire to run. ZERO. I hated every song my iPod spit out at me. Around 2.5 miles I did what I haven't done since I first started running, I walked.

Then I hit 3 miles and walked again and decided to head back.

The last 3 miles was a shit show of running as slow as I could and walking.

It was pitiful.

With all the walking, I had some time to think.

I think I might be suffering a little 'running burn-out'.  I'm not sure why, I'm not logging giant mileage weeks or anything but yesterday I just was soooooo not in the mood and I couldn't overcome it. I've never thrown in the flag like that. I mean, I've cut runs short but I've never cut them short and decide to walk half of it. Ever. Well. First time for everything, I guess.

I will take today off.  The rest of the week is hectic and next Saturday I'm running the Hollywood half.

My plan is to keep my runs easy and light this week leading up to the race and maybe focus on a little cross training until my running love comes back.

What's the worst run you've ever had?

How do you shake it off?

What do you do to get your running mojo back?


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