Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boston bound or turn around?

record breaking heat didn't stop me during my first half…
thankfully, the locals hosed us down
Like most of the running world, I'm excited for Boston. Although I'm not running it, I'm looking forward to following the coverage online and rooting on my friends. 

I read earlier today that racers have been given an option to defer their entry to 2013 if they wish because the heat is expected to reach a highly unusual 86 degrees tomorrow.  Yikes! Brutal for sure… 


What would I do in this situation? I have to say I'm 98% sure that I wouldn't defer. I mean this is the day you've been waiting for and training for. I probably wouldn't PR, I would surely slow down and rethink fueling and hydrating needs but defer? Probably not. I mean the bragging rights and the story alone… "I finally get into Boston and of course it's the year that it was like a million degrees… but yeah, I finished. And it was awesome."

I wouldn't blame anyone who deferred.  I should be so lucky to have such a decision to make.  And it's easy for me to say from my will-be-air-conditioned couch, I'm not facing down the horrible temps… and heat can be downright dangerous in endurance races and not to be taken lightly.

So, what about you? Would you be marathon bound or turned around during a heat wave?

What would make you defer? Snow? Rain? Tornado watch? Zombie apocalypse? 

Zombies actually make me run faster ;)


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