Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food for thought: Gluten, organics, sugar, oh my

My head is going to explode.

I warn you that this post might be a bit of a rambling rant.

All of this clean eating is starting to hurt my head. I mean, it's good. I'm trying. But jeeze, every time you turn around there's more to learn and at what point do you say, enough?

The other day there was a report on 60 Minutes about the toxicity of sugar. 

Everything sucks for you. It's annoying.  Everywhere I look now, I see "poison." Soon I'm going to be down to a little bit of organic kale, topped with some chia seeds and served with a few raw almonds… and then I'll really have no friends because that kind of person is about as interesting as unground flax seeds.

Where does it end? Do you have to be vegetarian? What about vegan? If you're not then do you do dairy? Eggs? Where does your meat come from? And what if you want a treat? What do you eat?  

I gave up most gluten and my tummy has still been feeling a little wonky the last day or two.  I have to make the appt. with the GI - we'll see.

Went to Whole Foods today and spent more on six items then I used to spend on 2 weeks worth of food. 

I'm hungry, my head hurts. Maybe I'm 'detoxing?' 

All I know is sometimes I miss the days where I thought I was healthy because I ate a Lean Cuisine frozen meal, a non-organic apple, and a little fat free pudding for lunch, swigged a light beer or two at happy hour and "only" smoked 5 cigarettes that night.  

Oh the good ol' days.

Now I admit I am an obsessive person. So I don't like to half-ass things and I guess that's why I'm abnormally becoming aggravated and consumed with this. It's just confusing. And expensive. 

Eh. I don't know. What do you do? Am I just a nut-ball? I mean maybe it's my extremes. Somewhere between a Whopper, diet coke & fries, and organic, sprouted wheat there has to be a happy place to live - no?


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