Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hollywood Half - pictures are worth a thousand words...

Official recap to come…

All you need to know for now:

click picture to enlarge
And yes if you look at my avg. pace / splits - the last 2 miles were that hellacious… And if you want to know why - peek at the elevation map and also factor in a wicked headwind trying to push you further down the hill…

And somehow, I still got a mighty nice piece of bling and even managed to grit through the pain and smile for the camera…

sitting in front of a pastry case of non-organic and
gluten-filled delights helps me muster happy after hell

Oh and spoiler alert… even with a hellacious last two, I PR'ed. Oh yes I did.

Real recap to come once my body isn't feeling so broken. Lots and lots to tell you.


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