Monday, February 8, 2010

What are you nuts? WHY?

So I've gotten two basic reactions on my decision to run 1/2 marathon: incredulous disbelief bordering on insulting, (as in, "No way, your fat ass can do nor want to do that") to the enthusiastic, "Way to go! You'll love it!"  From my fun-loving fitness friends.

My own inner reaction is probably an incredulously, almost sarcastic, "Way to go.  you'll love it."  

But, I am excited about the challenge.  It is only day one after-all.

I'm not quite sure what kind of insanity got ahold of me... (actually I think it happened while reading that damned Jack Canfield! AND checking out my friend Angela's facebook page about her own recent marathon run) but it dawned on me running a half marathon is something I've just always wanted to do.  I've written it as a goal in all kinds of life, "to do" lists and such.  I've often thought to myself that it would be such a cool thing to accomplish.  And seriously, I had just finished a chapter about believing in yourself in the Success Principles and well a google search, a registration and a $90- receipt later, I'm all signed up to run the New Jersey Marathon at the Shore.  Woo hoo.  

I did my first day of "training" which isn't as fancy or Olympic-y official as it might sound.  It really was alternating between one minute of running and one minute of walking on the treadmill for twenty minutes.  Even a zaftig woman like myself can handle that.  

So that's my story, I'm off to the races!

Keep you posted.


PS:  I know, maybe I am becoming one of those crazy bloggy people.  Oh well.  I have a strange need for public scrutiny in order to stick to things... so I might as well blog about this too.
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