Tuesday, February 23, 2010

day 16 - Still running :)

"Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible."   - Doug Larson

I like this quote because it gives me a little inspiration.  Starting off as a completely out of shape, overweight, non-runner - I now realize what a lofty goal a 1/2 marathon is for a first timer... A 1/2 marathon with a time limit no less! However, I was so ignorant to the running world that it didn't occur to me to aim lower (like starting with a 5K.)

This is probably a good thing in a weird way.  I'm forced to train hard, to push myself beyond familiar ground to go way past my "comfort" level, I've put myself in a position where taking a day off or skipping some training isn't an option.  I really cannot do that.  I do not have the luxury of time.  I really could use another month but it is what it is.  From all this Secret and Canfield stuff I've been taking in, I am starting to believe that it's only when we leave the realm of our comfort level that we start to grow - both mentally and physically.  I also know that the mental training for this thing and the belief that I can and will do this may even be more important than the physical training.   And as nervous as I am about the whole thing  and no matter what happens I do feel like a changed woman just by coming this far. 

Training today called for running for 2 and walking for 1 for 24 minutes straight (and five mins to warm up and 5 mins to cool down.)  I decided to stick to 2 minute drills and up the speed as well as the incline.  Tough!  Jersey Tomato red again by the end of the work out but I did it.

Hey look at me -- found another 4 followers - I've got 10 followers!  So exciting! :)

By the way, a few people have asked what I'm running... It's the NJ Marathon Festival at The Shore.


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