Wednesday, February 17, 2010

day 10 - 73 days to go! 13 miles and 13 great reasons to run.

Today was a rest day and boy did I need it.  Been doing a lot of physical work this week in a freelance gig so I welcomed today's rest but looking forward to getting back to training tomorrow.

Anyway, been thinking about my reasons for doing this thing to keep the motivation up - came up with a top 13 for each mile I'm going to run:

My top 13 reasons to why in the world I'm doing this thing:

13.  Good reason to shake the dust off the 'ol gym membership card and actually use it
12.  Shopping for new fancy socks and cool new sneakers
11.  To get a cool medal at the end
10.  To see the double take in expression on people faces from laughing at figuring I'm kidding to shock at my running 13 miles when I tell them what I'm doing.  Love it.
9.   A most excellent reason to revisit my favorite songs of the 80's and go for "The Eye of The Tiger."
8.   Money is tight, "runner's high" much cheaper than alcohol or anti-depressants
7.   To use terms like "training" with a straight face.
6.   To actually get to my goal weight instead of just going to Weight Watchers every week and thinking through hope and membership alone, I should get there.
5.   Much greener to run for 13 miles than drive for 13 miles
4.   Bragging rights
3.   I hear the Jersey Shore is beautiful in May
2.   Needed an athletic hobby and I can't join curling competition at the winter olympics for four more years...
and the number one reason why I'm doing this...
1.   Because if I can run 13 miles - I can do anything!

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