Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 19 - Running thoughts & only 64 days to go!

The cool thing about running is it gives you time to think, feel inspired and work out your emotions.

No matter what's going on I always leave the gym feeling better than when I walked in.

Today I felt great.  I got out of my snowed in home and made it to the gym.  I ran for 25 mins (1 min breaks in between 4 min. drills - one drill I ran for five minutes... + warm up and cool down.) I'm going a little faster- I love the feeling of accomplishment I get by the end of my workout.

While I was running, I did some thinking about the situation that happened the other day (RE:  throwing lemon post)  First of all - one really good thing that's come out of this blog and running journey is, I have a new found sense of confidence I also have new sense of self.  I don't feel weak and whimpy and "please like me" anymore.  Yes, I still would like people to like me but if you don't -- I don't care.  It doesn't ruin my world.  I am seizing my day and not allowing others to tarnish it.

I also realized there was a great lesson to be learned from this whole situation.  This isn't a new thought but it's a true one.  When people show you who they are, believe them.  No matter what the person does to you or how bad it is, there are usually signs.  You have a gut instinct.  Listen to it.   It was no surprise what happened the other day, really.  It was almost inevitable.  Pathetically predictable, even.  I had witnessed first hand the same scenario happen over and over again to others.  I knew this person so well and knew how this person thinks and reacts.  It's a pity because I really wanted to believe something else of this person but I was wrong.  Oh well.  Best of luck and good wishes.  I am happy and content with the choices I am making in my life and I'm on a healthy path - every minute is a gift and after this blog I will no longer waste one more minute of my life thinking about it again.

All of my life I ran away from confrontation or issues, now I'm running through, into things, head on and coming out just fine.  Who knew that running would give me all this good emotional benefit as well! :)  

Have a great weekend!!


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